How to add picture into your advertisement
  1. Locate the picture you wish to add into your description on the Internet, right click on it and select "Copy Image Location".

    (In Microsoft Internet Explorer, right-click the image, go to "Properties", and copy the address from the "Address (URL)" line. In Google Chrome, right-click the image and use the "Copy Image URL" menu item.)

  2. Click the image button on the online text editor toolbar and paste into the "URL" field the Internet address copied in Step 1.

    Important: Do not paste the picture directly to editor. Only the picture's address will be accepted, not the picture itself.

  3. If you want people to be linked to your website by clicking on the image, specify your website address within the "Link" tab.

    If you do not have your own pictures posted on the Internet, then there are many free collections of pictures that you may wish to explore. See, or as examples.

  4. Click the "Preview" button and preview your advertisement.